Elevator Pitch

god’s favorite band is the fascinating, multi-faceted, tale (but told in a straightforward, conversational style, so the developments are easy to follow) of THE FABULOUS FOOLS — a hard-working rock-and-roll-show-band on the road.  The Fab-Fools are simultaneously touring and recording their debut record — a concept album using masturbation as a metaphor for the ‘search for the meaning of life’ — while at the same time, trying to solve the who? And more importantly, the why? … Of the unexplained murder of one of their band-mates.  

But that’s only the outermost layer. The story is set in the changing world of 1999 and is told through the eyes of touring musicians — who don’t want to grow up — and don’t have to.  Childish antics, bad-puns, fart-jokes, silly-innuendos, and the archaic (or are they?) political controversies of the late 1990’s are all vehicles used to explore the ways in which our innermost beliefs, in spite of our best efforts, inexorably manifest themselves in our actions — often in ways that surprise us — and sometimes horrify us.   It’s about the things we tell ourselves, and why, and whether or not they matter.  Ultimately, it’s about how to be, and do, in a rapidly changing world.

god’s favorite band is subversive.  It’s often hilarious and light-hearted, but at other times, dark and deadly serious — even disturbing.  It combines ridiculously-adolescent immaturity and absurd foolishness with a new rational philosophical perspective for “rolling the rock up the hill” in the face of the changing realities of the 21st-century.  It might be the most important American novel since Huckleberry Finn — or maybe not — but one thing’s for sure — it’ll surprise, delight, and disgust you, … not only that, if you’re paying attention, … it’ll make you think …


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