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(An Insider’s Handy Reference Guide to the Players)



Doc: Daryl Diamond (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, and Your Humble Narrator).   Hey?  That’s me!  I’m the guy tellin’ the story!  It’s my band, but not my story; I sure-as-hell-ain’t no hero.  I put The Fabulous Fools together because I like the rock-and-roll lifestyle.  I like performing, being under the lights, traveling down the road, and all the rest of the craziness.  I didn’t expect Keith to be killed.  Or any of the rest of what happened in the 19 days following his murder.

[EDITORS NOTE: Your Narrator’s correct that he’s no hero, but he IS our main character; he just doesn’t know it (he thinks the story’s about Jimi).  Your narrator gets a lot of things wrong:  he’s spent a lifetime misbehaving (because he once read “everything is permitted” and he liked that idea).  As our story begins, Your Narrator doesn’t seem to be aware of what a dick he is; and even once it starts to dawn on him, he’s not sure he wants to change, … but here’s Daryl (Your Narrator) again to continue with the introductions]: 

Jimi: Little Jimi Bond from New York City on the Six-String Bass — that’s what we always called him on stage, anyway (Bass Guitar and Vocals).  Jimi grew up in Queens, NY and attended CUNY (City College) where he earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  He then pursued a Master’s in Social Psychology at Fordham, but with exactly 1-credit-to-go, dropped out, because according to Jimi, “…graduate school is for people with nothing better to do.”  Jimi then enrolled at Juilliard in Manhattan, where he studied voice, but left before he finished the program to enroll in a Ph.D. program in Philosophy at Columbia, where he completed all of his coursework, but never spent a single day working on his dissertation.  I met him when he was playing electric bass in the orchestra pit of a dinner theatre production of Fiddler on the Roof in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sly: Sylvester (Sly) Cameron (Stage Manager, Roadie, Bouncer and Lighting Technician).  Sly grew up in The Bronx, NY.  He earned a Bachelor’s in American History at City College; then a Master’s (also in History) at NYU.  Unlike “Little Jimi Bond From New York City on the 6-String Bass”, Sly completed all of his coursework and actually received his degrees.  I met him when he was working as a Stage Hand at Radio City Music Hall in Midtown Manhattan.

Satan: Randall Beauregard (Drums, Puns, Peacemaker, and Mr Fix-it).  Randall (we all called him Satan for reasons that will become obvious), hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he attended Forrest High School.  I met him when he was playing drums with one of the most popular local bands in Atlanta, Surgical Steel.  I liked Satan right away.  He always fun and funny and, we found out later, handy to have around.

Geepers:  George (Geepers) Douglas (Keyboards, Vocals, Fire-Breather, Stage Antics, and Lead Hairdo).  Geepers graduated from Furman University in South Carolina, where he studied Theater Production and Piano.  I met him when Keith (our former drummer) showed up with him at a Fab-Fool rehearsal and suggested that adding Geepers to our group would make us more entertaining.  And Keith was definitely right about that.  Geepers took our on-stage energy to new heights.

Annabelle:  Annabelle Stamper (Singer/Dancer).  Annabelle was the prettiest girl in Winchester, Kentucky and just nineteen-years-old, when she dropped out of community college in order to become a full-time Foolette (that’s what we called our female singers — The Foolettes).  She came to us from an ad we ran in Atlanta’s Creative Loafing magazine for a Vocalist and Spokesmodel.  Annabelle was great — always fresh, eager and ready.  She was fun.  Always happy.  Always ready to join in.  All us guys liked her very much; we competed with each other to protect her from the other guys.  Annabelle was a real asset to the band.

Victoria:  Victoria Pope (Singer/Dancer).  Victoria was straight out of Hollywood.  None of us could ever figure out what-the-hell she was doing in Atlanta or why she answered our ad for Vocalist/Spokesmodel.  She grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley and was cast in a CBS television show when she was a kid.   The pilot never got picked up, but it got her to Hollywood, where she spent her teens and early 20s.  Victoria was truly beautiful to behold — everything you’d expect in a Hollywood starlet.  She’d landed roles in several movies and TV shows in the early-90s, but for some reason, a reason she never explained, she walked away from it all when she was only 23-years-old.  We never knew how or why she ended up in Atlanta, but Boy-Howdy!  We were glad she did.

Junior: Joseph (Junior) Jones (Soundman, Mascot, and Human-Sex-Toy).  Junior grew up in College Park, Georgia, but never spent a single day in any actual college.  I met him when he was still a teenager.  He was playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and doing all the lead vocals in a surprisingly-good-little-local-band with his older brother.  Junior was the obvious talent in the group.  Junior’s brother’s band was the first act we signed to our new record label — Treacherous Records.  The signing was solely due to Junior’s obvious and exceptional talent.  That first band didn’t stay together long, but we kept Junior on at the studio, working as our in-house Audio Engineer.  He had the best ears of anyone I ever met.


In the course of our story, you’ll also meet Paulina Shelby (President of Treacherous Records).  Paulina might be the only truly wonderful person in this entire tale.  She grew up in a little town called College City, California.  She graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Science and went to work for IBM, where she excelled as one their first female superstars.  After a few years, she left IBM and started her own technology company, creating payroll and customer service software for several large corporations.  Her products were (and still are) in high demand. I met her at a gig I was playing in Key West.  I was immediately attracted to her, because she was so incredibly smart; I like that in a person.  (It didn’t hurt that she was also tall, attractive, and interesting to talk to.)  Paulina had the special gift of being able to talk to anybody, about anything, at any time.  She could make you believe you had her full attention.  She seemed capable of almost anything.  We stayed up all night talking, that first night we met, about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives; it turned out what we wanted to do was build a recording studio and start a record company.  So that’s what we did …



This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is not intended, in any way, to communicate anything at all about any actual person.

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