What’s the Book About?

 god’s favorite band

It’s a tale of transformation:

  • On the surface, it’s the story of The Fabulous Fools — a traveling rock-and-roll show band — playing gigs and recording their debut record, while at the same time, trying to solve the murder of one of their bandmates.  


  • Just beneath the surface, it’s an argument for a new existential philosophy the Fab-Fools call: “Covert Anarchy — a way to be, and do, in a changing world”.


  • BUT AT IT’S CORE: it’s about the false beliefs we ALL carry around with us; why they’re so dangerous; how we can change them; and why we should!


… and remember …

          “Just because life is absurd, unimportant, and pointless, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!”






Now click HERE for the Elevator Pitch:



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